Squirrel Church

I went to church today.  For about 15 minutes.  By that I mean I stood inside looking out the window and watching a squirrel do his thing getting ready for winter.  No anxiety.  Nothing on his mind except whatever he was doing.  And he lives OUTSIDE!!  And he’s a lot lower on the food chain than I am!  If only all God’s creatures could live so care-free.  Oh wait — they all do.  Except we humans.  We think we’re so advanced, but for all we’ve gained, we’ve lost a lot that can help us live happily.

Then he was up a tree and church was dismissed, but not before I had gotten a chance to peer through the veil just for a moment — to see through to the other side.  After that, I didn’t return to real life.  Real life was what I had to leave behind after the squirrel disappeared, leaving me to return to my work on this side of the veil — this far less substantial side.

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4 thoughts on “Squirrel Church

  1. I am so glad you stopped to notice. I think what you saw is what draws me back to nature every chance I get. No clocks, no schedule, no pressure…just existence in the world God created. Breathtaking!

  2. Just yesterday while walking my daughter (who will be five tomorrow) to school; she bent down, scooped up a leaf and said “Dad the trees are getting ready for winter.” Sometimes I think that there must be an important life lesson to be learned in the innocent things kids say.

    I’m sure that if I were to Google it I would find there are certain changes in a trees life that it goes through to get ready for winter. One of the most noticeable changes is the leaves falling. That more likely than not is just a visible cue of changes that were made on the inside.

    So now I must ask myself “What am I’m doing to get ready for winter?”

  3. Haven’t seen your posts on face book for a while. I’m glad to see you back at it or I’m back at checking my facebook.

    At our last cluster you were genius or mentioned something genius; “we should have prayed that our books get published.” You were refering to the meeting where we prayed for all those things God ended up answering in amazing fashion.

    I was a little taken back by the fact that I have not dedicated my book (or yours) to prayer. What a misstep. Why not? Wierd. I prayer for others and what’s important to them. I pray for God’s direction in my life. I even recived clear confirmation from God that wants me to write. Would would I not pray for getting what I write published? I still am not sure I understand why. I preached my questions about it last Sunday. But I do know that your question got my attention. I’ve dedicated your book and mine to prayer. I’m finally getting it.

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