Fear Of Vulnerability

A moment ago I was re-reading through my most recent post when a scary thought occurred to me. “You can’t publish that. Someone in your congregation (or elsewhere) might take note of it and use it to hurt you down the road.”

“I read your blog, Dave. I know you struggle sometimes with lack of humility – don’t you think this might be one of those times?”

But I have decided to stop doing or not doing things out of fear in my life. So many times we need to get help – financial help, personal help, family help, etc., but we do not seek out help because we are afraid. We continue to deal with our same hurts and struggles year after year because we are afraid of being vulnerable. I don’t want to live that way.

In that vein, I am not going to hold out on posting things on this blog because of fear that someone might use my words against me. Those looking for stones to throw at me probably will find a few here and I will have no regrets having placed those stones in their hands. My hope is that many more people will be encouraged not to live in fear and to be honest with themselves and others

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One thought on “Fear Of Vulnerability

  1. Dave, let it flow. We are all human beings fighting the same fight down here… even our mentors- the ones we look up to. The one thing I think people often forget is that even the ones we look to for guidence- for direction- for spiritual counciling… are also going to have weaknesses- are going to have fears- worries- etc. And that’s what I’ve always admired about you and Christy both… you’re human too, and not afraid to admit it.

    i love you guys!
    plus i love your blog! I’m finally starting to read it!

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