Truth and Civility Election Watch Pledge

Could you sign on to this pledge?

Truth and Civility Election Watch Pledge

For the duration of the election season, I hereby pledge to uphold the highest standards of truth and civility in word, thought, and deed.

On my honor, I will:
•    Just say no to crazy email forwards, and to any other noxious electronic communication that comes my way.
•    Communicate in a spirit of truth, humility, love, and patience with all people I come in contact with, despite our political disagreements or family relationship.
•    Question any and all statements that sound mean, vindictive, or absurd; that provide no source or context; or that are politically motivated. So, pretty much everything you hear on cable TV news.
•    Share and enjoy stories of folks who are living out an attitude of truth and civility. Make sure each story meets both requirements: Nice people telling lies don’t count.
•    As a witness for God, encourage and spread a message of hope and reconciliation to a world that is deeply divided by political and cultural differences. Like Jesus taught.

Source: Sojourners

Great idea.  Of course the problem is the number of people who don’t know a crazy or obnoxious email forward when they see it, but think it’s the Gods-honest-truth.