Truth, prt. 1

Our mission at Wildwind Church is to help people find, face, and follow truth.  I could write a book on each of these.  In fact, I will almost definitely do exactly that when I am finished with the book I’m currently working on (my working title is “You Know More About God Than You Think”).

But to kick off this series of posts about truth, I thought I’d start with something simple, yet thought-provoking. Someone recently asked me how you know when you have found truth.  My answer was as follows:

A good sign that you have found truth is this: truth is that thing that sometimes stings, but to which you nevertheless find yourself mysteriously drawn at a certain point in your life. It’s also the thing you find yourself wanting to reject over and over after you have found it, because it means you’re going to have to change.  People rarely struggle that way with falsehood. Falsehood almost never stings and is incredibly easy to accept, because it feels good and is comfortable.

This is brief, and a bit simplistic, but it’ll do for our purposes as I move into a series of posts about truth.

Why should you read these posts?  Because truth is what you have to deal with eventually — some way or somehow.  Truth is what you run into when you make a bad decision.  Truth is the piper that will eventually demand to be paid.  Truth is that thing that, if you find it and align your life with it, will make life go fairly well for you.  If you do not, it will cost you sooner or later.  It’s not a matter of if, only of when.

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4 thoughts on “Truth, prt. 1

  1. I am always telling my wife, “How dare you tell me the truth in my own home!” Usally refering to something I was wrong about.

  2. Dave – man can i relate. I am not sure i can tell you how many times in my life i have been “stung”. wow, let me count the ways. I will be staying tuned to be stung again.

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