O Hilarious Holy Night

I don’t know the story behind this song, whether it’s real, fake, or whatever.  I only know that I can’t think of anytime in my life that I have ever laughed so hard as when I first heard it.  You can listen to this song as much as you want, and are free to download it even.  All I ask is that if you liked the song, press the Facebook like button above or below the post.  Honor system!

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More info on the myth behind the song

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6 thoughts on “O Hilarious Holy Night

    • Perfect pitch? Even ballpark pitch is enough for this one to be a killer.

      I don’t for one minute believe this is legitimate. There are only three possibilities. 1) A terrible singer, who knew he was terrible, did this for a laugh 2) a terrible singer who did not know he was terrible did this as an honest effort; 3) a good singer, pretending to be terrible, did this for a laugh. I believe strongly it is the first one. It’s almost certainly not a good singer pretending to be terrible, because it is extremely difficult for good singers and people with good pitch to fake bad pitch. Though it’s possible that a truly bad singer did this sincerely, I think it’s way too over the top for that to be likely — although anyone who has ever watched American Idol knows we can’t rule out that possibility. Most likely a terrible singer thought this would be fun to do, and even then, they would have had to really ham it up, singing obviously far out of their range, putting in the little talking comments — it’s a masterwork of cheesy awfulness.

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