Climbing the Google Ladder

Climbing the Google Ladder

If you Google the words thoughtful people, one of my posts comes up first out of 21 million!

If you Google the words things I am good at, I am fourth out of 734 million.

If you Google the words getting counseling, I am eighth out of 25,200,000. That’s one I’m going to work on, because I’ll bet a lot of people Google those words.

If you Google the words struggling with faith, I am eighth out of 16 million, 900 thousand. That’s another one to hammer away at and see if I can move up higher.

This is exciting to see. To get onto Google’s front page with even one post is fantastic. So far I’ve found roughly ten posts that put me on the front page (top 10) and one that puts me first. This is awesome!

This is what happens when people subscribe to the blog, when they use that Facebook Like button, when they share one of my articles, when they post one of them to Twitter or Facebook, etc. With your help I will continue to set apart from hundreds of millions of other blogs and websites on the Internet. I can’t do it without you, and thank you sincerely for reading and for making it happen.


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