Barack W. Bush?

Is it just me, or is Barack Obama sounding more like George W. Bush every day? This is either because:

a. Obama is giving in to political pressure and changing his ideals
b. Obama is seeing reality much more clearly, and reasonable human beings, given full information, will naturally come to similar conclusions about how America should proceed

I am inclined to believe it is the second one. What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Barack W. Bush?

  1. c. Democrats, and Republican’s are both owned by the same groups and corporation’s therefore it doesn’t matter which one is in power the sheep will see just enough to keep voting back and forth, and there policies, speeches, and administrations will all be eerily similar.

  2. W.’s presidency will continue to look better as the years pass. His flaw was an inexplicable ineptness when it came to communications, which history will forgive in light of his actual accomplishment.

    • G.W. will never get credit, either. I was no G.W. fan when he was president, but he should get credit for sticking with policies that were vigorously opposed while he was in office, but then almost immediately adopted by the next administration.

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