Living Truthfully, chapter 2: What Is Truth


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Chapter 2 – What Is Truth

“You have probably heard before that an airplane pilot will not know whether he is up or down if he is surrounded by clouds and cannot see the ground or the horizon, unless an instrument on the panel tells him which way is up. If that instrument breaks, he is in very big trouble. The horizon is truth. It is the harsh reality you will have to deal with if you lose your bearings. When you realize that truth is simply what is (that truth is the same as reality) it becomes obvious that there is nothing greater in life to pursue than truth. To pursue truth is to pursue reality – a way of living in the world that is consistent with the way things actually are, not the way we dream, desire, or wish for them to be. You cannot make proper decisions if you do not know the truth about your life and your situation.

This means, then, that truth is basic and essential information. In order to make a right decision about something you may need to possess quite a bit of knowledge, but the very least amount of knowledge you need is accurate knowledge about what is the truth of your situation. That is why our tendency to deceive ourselves (we will look closely at this in chapter three), and the ease with which we do this, is a big problem. We simply cannot fly right if we don’t know the truth.”

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One thought on “Living Truthfully, chapter 2: What Is Truth

  1. Hi Dave,
    I understand so much better when you explain something with a parable like explanation. I know I have lived my life in the clouds, with a lot of turbulence. As I am seeking to find the horizon, I come out of the clouds, it becomes more clear, I see the sun and the horizon. My path isn’t always clear though, sometimes I still get caught up in storms and loose my bearings, but if remember to look at my instrument panel it will guide me.
    Thank you for being an excellent teacher.

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