Living Truthfully, chapter 3: Why It’s So Easy to Live Untruthfully


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Chapter 3 – Why It’s So Easy to Live Untruthfully

“Despite our basic intelligence and our ability to make wise choices, many of us don’t! In 2006 Daniel Goleman wrote a groundbreaking book called Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.   The book explains why sometimes very smart people do very stupid things. I consider myself a pretty smart person and I know I have done some really stupid things. How about you? Does this sound like anyone you know? Very intelligent people, who may be excellent at knowing how to help others, can nevertheless lack the emotional intelligence to know how to be the person they teach others to be. Why is it so easy for us to live untruthfully, even when we might know how to guide others into truth?

I will be posting those chapter summaries (which are direct quotes from each chapter) over the next couple of weeks. That will give you a good idea what the book is about and whether you think you will be interested in reading it when it is finally available. If you read these posts, I sincerely ask you to consider leaving a comment for me. Your questions and comments will only help me deliver a better book, and I want to write the best book I can possibly write.

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2 thoughts on “Living Truthfully, chapter 3: Why It’s So Easy to Live Untruthfully

  1. It’s one thing for me to look at someone else’s life and analyze and objectively look at what the problems are, completely a different thing to take an honest look at my own life. It’s hard to be objective with myself. I’m much more likely to justify, make excuses, etc.

    • No doubt, Ruth. That tendency toward denial, excuses, and self-justification are a huge part of what the book is about. The goal is to be able to spot those tendencies in action so we can counteract them with awareness and discern the truth.

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