O’Reilly attacks ‘wimpy Christians’ for not freaking out about ‘war on Christmas’

This is the problem in our country. Wimpy Christians. Maybe that’s our problem — not enough outrage. Forget about Jesus the Suffering Servant. We should only emulate Jesus in that one incident where he turned over the tables in the temple. That’s the favorite passage for people who think Christians aren’t angry enough. Because it’s the only one where Jesus is portrayed as angry.

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Standing for truth. You mean the truth of the love, grace, mercy, and sacrifice of God, right? Oh, you mean a different “truth.” Sorry, I don’t get it.

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2 thoughts on “O’Reilly attacks ‘wimpy Christians’ for not freaking out about ‘war on Christmas’

  1. I agree with you, David. It’s so easy for us to be fighting the wrong battles. In his rant at the Pharisees, Jesus told them that they were neglecting the more important matters of ‘justice, mercy and faithfulness’.[Matthew 23:23]

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