Indiana teacher wants straight prom because LGBT people have no ‘purpose’

More from the “We call ourselves Christians but really we’re just huge jerks and this is how we justify it” department… I’m so embarrassed.

[repostus hash=962d954d7a0f003154ca95f43e88c8ac title=Indiana+teacher+wants+straight+prom+because+LGBT+people+have+no+%26%238216%3Bpurpose%26%238217%3B host=Raw+Story+ short=1zDsf snip=A+special+education+teacher+from+Sullivan%2C+Indiana+is+joining+a+group+of+students%2C+parents+and+other+Christians+in+the+community+who+are+calling+for+a+prom+that+bans+LGBT+people+because+she+says+they+have+no+%E2%80%9Cpurpose+in+life.%E2%80%9D+WTWO-TV+reported+that+the+group+met+at+Sullivan+First+Christian+Church%26hellip%3B thumb=4281955 jump=5]

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2 thoughts on “Indiana teacher wants straight prom because LGBT people have no ‘purpose’

  1. God loves the LGBT’s just as much as the murderers, the liars, the thieves, the adulterers, adulteresses, the gossips, the slanderers, and those who judge and show favoritism, without grace and mercy, will receive the fruit of the seeds they have planted.
    I pray for these people, I do! The enemy is cunning! Lord open their eyes! We are ashamed! Sweet Jesus let your people read, study, learn and become your word of truth here on earth. I do not want to see my brothers and sisters left behind! Father Forgive them, for they know not what they do! You did not come to condemn, but to save! We are called to love all men, as they are made in your image… There is no level of sin Father, sin is sin! Thank you for giving your life for the sinners, give us your heart, let us be willing to show mercy that mercy may fall upon us! Let us refrain from judgement, that we may be judged less harshly, let us love as love covers a multitude of sins! Mercy triumphs Father! He that Loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is love! Let us refrain from judgement Father, we have no place in it, no right! For righteousness is of God! Rather than open our mouths to condemn, let us open our hearts and mouths in prayer to you! If any man says he is without sin, he deceives himself! Many will come to me and say, Lord, Lord, and I will say, go away I never knew you! I Lord, let this not be us! Lead us to wisdom, lead us to light, lead us to love, mercy, kindness, generosity, and love for mankind! In Jesus name! Amen!

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