Video update

In this eight minute video I thank you for your support and love and share a more personal aspect of my struggle with you.

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2 thoughts on “Video update

  1. we were designed to lean on one another, not to turn away or turn inward, those tendencies don’t come from God, the Healer and Creator of Life …….and thank you for so often being the one we have leaned on

  2. Amen brother:) God bless you for sharing. I suffer with chronic neurological damage as well, and I totally relate to the feelings you shared. It was hard enough for me to share my feelings of need or sorrow or sadness with God initially. He taught me to let go, and open up. I feel so deeply when others are hurting or lacking, that it keeps me from sharing anything painful, just because I do not want to pass on the pain. I also feel as though this somehow is not “my body” like I am trapped in a vessel that just will not do, what my soul and spirit desire to do each day… I wonder If you ever feel that way. It is so difficult to come to grips with physical limitations… The mental aspect is more difficult than anything that actually physically occurs when you ate living in a damaged vessel. Lol! I know there are already so many blessings that have come from my illness, and I hope you see that blessings coming from yours. As you say there is always something to learn. I am growing spiritually as my body is weak. God’s strength is evident to those around us when we are too weak to get by on our own. It gives people around us the opportunity to love, give, nurture, care… All God given gifts. I Praise God for whatever he is using my illness for. And I thank Him for each day. I thank him for giving the body a splendid chance to work together for his glory. And I thank and praise Him for giving me a brother who is open enough to share his suffering, showing me that I am not alone at all. I am praying for you, and am blessed to have you as a brother. May the grace, peace, comfort, love and strength of God be upon you. In Jesus name. Amen!

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