David Fitch — Prodigal Christianity

David Fitch is one of my favorite thinkers currently thinking and writing about the church. For me, he provides a welcome relief from writers like David Platt and Francis Chan, two thinkers who are very popular, and obviously well-intentioned, but who are suggesting cures for the church that I’m convinced are actually part of the problem. Fitch is one of the rare thinkers in the church who is thinking creatively, who is willing to venture far enough out onto the ledge to find something fairly new to say.

Fitch’s book The End of Evangelicalism had a big impact on me a couple of years ago when it was released. It has influenced much of my thinking and practice of church ever since. Frankly, he freed me to go out as far in my thinking as I had always wanted to, but had been too afraid.

What follows is a brief video where Fitch and cowriter Geoff Holsclaw talk about their new book Prodigal Christianity, which I haven’t yet read, but I will be soon. When I do, I will post a review here. If you beat me to the punch, and you’re interested in submitting a review of the book to me to be possibly published here as a guest post, I’d love to work with you. Email your review to me at dave at davidkflowers dot com.

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  1. I’m curious to know what you think Francis Chan and David Platt are suggesting that is part of the problem…I know very little about both of them but I do know there names are mentioned a lot in Christian circles.

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