How to break up with your church, prt. 3 (of 5)


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3. Do not break up with your church by sneaking out, or sending an email, letter, text message, or voice mail

Mature people break up with a conversation, face to face, if possible. Among the immature ways people break up with the church, sneaking out is probably the most common. Every pastor can tell stories of families who stop attending and do not respond to their efforts to follow up, and then they find out weeks or months later that a family has been attending a different church. Thinking of this relationally, it would be like deciding not to actually end your current relationship, and allowing your ex to find out through the grapevine that you are seeing someone else. The more deeply connected you are to a church (Have you only been there a few times? Are you a regular attender? Are you a member? Are you in leadership? Are you on the administrative board?), the more responsibility you have to end the relationship in a mature and loving way, just as a marriage must be ended more carefully than a relationship where there have only been a couple of dates.


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