Six Words That Would Transform Most Marriages

men grow up women put up

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[This post was previously titled My Book About Sex]

If I could write just one book that would transform most marriages, it would have two chapters, and six words. In fact, I’ll write that book right now. I will release all copyrights to it, and you are free to distribute this fantastic advice from a seasoned counseling professional to as many people as you’d like.

Chapter 1

Men, grow up.

Chapter 2

Women, put out.


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  • “My Book about How to Live”
    Chapter One: Breathe
    Chapter Two: Repeat

    • Doesn’t sound much like living to me, Kevin, but I think you have written the ultimate book on survival. 🙂

  • Marian Hazelton

    Like my diet book.

    Quit eating so much.


  • Gina Lawton

    Yep … those are the magic three words!

    • Gina Lawton

      Opps … six words. I was just reading the men’s part …. 🙂