America’s Problem with Race

Eric Garner - America's problem with race

Eric Garner being killed by police

Studies have shown for years that  there is a gross disparity between how white people are treated by the police, vs black people. And yet, when black people complain there is a problem, white people automatically start insisting that it is only in their heads. That is such a strange phenomenon. We have the objective data that tells us there is a problem. We know there is a problem. But when a black person says there is a problem, white society says how dare you suggest there is a problem!

And right there, that is the problem.

Whatever that tendency is, that rush to minimize, to not listen, to act as if a problem we know is there is not there, there is the problem.

It is a huge problem.

Black people experience that problem every day in terms of tangible behaviors by white officers toward them. But white America cannot bring itself to admit there is a problem, even though the studies already tell us that, and we have known it for years.

That is a huge problem.

It is like I always say in my couple counseling, if one spouse believe there is a problem in the marriage, there is a problem. And that problem alone is enough to blow up the marriage. The partner who does not believe there is a problem ignores the other partner’s experience at the risk of the entire relationship.

It’s gonna get ugly, I promise.

So it is that the white community is ignoring the black community’s experience at the risk of our relationships in this country.

If white America doesn’t wake up, it’s gonna get ugly, I promise.

You ain’t seen nothing yet.