About You

Why You Should Care About This Blog

There are millions of blogs, each one wanting your time and energy. Let’s face it, the first thing you deserve to know when you visit a blog is what’s in it for you.

Here are four things I can promise you will get from this blog:

  • Knowledge. I am committed to learning as much as I can about the things I write about. I will not always be right, but I will always try to be as fair and accurate as possible.
  • Wisdom. Many people are committed to knowledge, but knowledge means little without wisdom. I have found as a pastor, for example, that many pastors have studied theology extensively. They know a great deal about God, but sometimes seem to know very little about human beings. I think that’s why so many churches end up being rigid and even abusive. I have studied people deeply and can show you how spiritual things and human things come together.
  • Teaching. Above all else, when you come to this blog, you will learn things that matter. One of the gifts I am most grateful for is the ability to teach topics that are sometimes extraordinarily complex in ways that almost anyone can understand.
  • Insight. You won’t have to read very  many of my posts before you realize that I often take regular things and see into them in ways that are pretty unique. Not everyone likes this because some people want to just be comfortable understanding things the way they always have. But if you want to learn to ask questions, and to look in unique places for answers, this is the blog for you.

What do I want from you?

You come to this blog looking for certain things from me, that you deserve. There are some things I want from you as well. I want you to:

  • Engage. Think differently with me about church, about mental health, or about both.
  • Contribute. Feel free to make your voice heard, always in ways that are civil and open to the views of others. Post comments, mention your blog and the way you’re processing these topics, and have a presence. Promote your own insights and ideas when they are relevant to the topic at hand.
  • Question the unquestionables. I’m looking for people who, like me, aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, but aren’t just provocative for the sake of being provocative.

But, above all else, I hope you will do these three things:

  1. Tell me how I can help you. I am here to help, that’s why I started the blog.
  2. Subscribe! Communicate with me. Suggest post ideas and ways I can help you think through and clarify things that you’re thinking about.
  3. Help others find me. Share links to my posts and pages however you can, and let others know about this blog that is making a difference in your life.

In other words, I’m looking for more than followers, I want fellow travelers, maybe even a few partners and companions on the journey.

But you’re also welcome to just lurk. I am glad you are here.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic. A request for me to defend some of my comments does not obligate me to do so.