Hope Against Darkness

Hope Against Darkness
Genre: Spiritual Formation
Publication Year: 2002
ASIN: 0867164859

Rohr offers hope in introducing the Franciscan path of transformation, the "new way of being that would change the face of history." He describes how following Saint Francis' way to forgiveness and love, and "owning the darkness," can bring us out of the postmodern pit in which we find ourselves.

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About the Book

This book blew my hair back as I was reading it.

It turned my parochial understanding of Christianity on it’s head and soothed the cynicism I held in my heart toward Christianity.

If you’re already a member of the choir, familiar with Rohr and more modern and adult theology, there’s nothing I can say to you.

If, however, you’re out of the loop like I was this book will change the terrain for you.

There is a lot of language that seemed rather technical or in the vein of Catholic jargon. However, the notions he introduces of what true faith is, the question of being in or out of the system, the system of the church, seeing the universe as sacred, the great chain of being.

These are rich, ancient and vital topics exposed in a new, refreshing and adult way.

Rohr gives us permission, implores us, actually, to put away our crayons and step into an adult understanding of and responsibility for our faith.

I think this book has changed the course of my life.

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