Announcement: is no more!

Beginning now, this website can ONLY be accessed at I wanted to keep TheFallenCleric operational until it expired in November, but it was causing issues with Google Analytics and it’s essential that I get accurate stats. This should affect very few people, as I think most were accessing the site at anyway. I want to thank Tyler at HostGator who worked on the site for me for 90 minutes while I waited, and told him what I needed done. It was the best tech experience I have ever had, and many of you know how bad they can be.

There may still be the occasional hiccup, but I think nearly everything is running smoothly. Please inform me of broken links or other things that aren’t working, as I need to get everything fixed asap. Thanks for your patience.

Blog name/address changing is changing to (don’t forget the K!). When I started the blog I wasn’t really serious about writing professionally. Now that I am, I need to  “re-brand.”

You will still be able to access this blog at through November 3, but I recommend that beginning now you start typing in

Temporary blog changes

My church has given me all of the month of April off, and the goal will be to get as much of my book, Living Truthfully, written as possible. Consequently, I will not be seen much around Facebook, and I will probably not post many new articles for that month. Instead, the blog will rotate through my older posts, randomly choosing one of them every day and republishing it back on the front page. I hope this will be a way for you to get acquainted with a lot of content on the blog that you have not come across.

I will post updates on my Facebook writing page at, and on my Twitter account @thefallencleric.