Feeling Judged

my proof of disability

Yesterday I went to the Secretary of State’s office and picked up a handicapped parking placard. It’s incredible how difficult the process can be. Not in terms of complexity, just that both times I have had to get one of these I’ve had to endure lectures from doctors (and others) about not abusing it, only using when I really need it, that just having MS isn’t good enough reason, etc.

As if I would have any interest in parking in a handicapped spot when I’m healthy enough to walk.

Hell, when I can make the walk easily, or even passably, not parking in one of those spots is one of the most exciting parts of my day. Just try to get me to use that pass on days I don’t need it.

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My Rant Fulla Everything!

man holding his own face -- my rant fulla everything


From my Facebook account, posted there today:

What the heck, I’m deleting my account soon anyway, I might as well really say what’s on my mind. I’m struggling lately with the loose way we’re using language and how it has us in such a mess.

1. Not everything is beautiful. What’s with the tendency we have today to want to call everything beautiful? (Actually, I think that’s a liberal-hipster thing.) When a person loses 500 lbs., the sagging skin on her (or his) tummy is not beautiful. While it is admirable, even beautiful, that he/she worked so hard, while they are probably more disciplined than most people, while their accomplishment cannot be celebrated highly enough, the sagging skin itself is pretty ugly IMO, and I think most would agree. We don’t have to say everything is “beautiful.” If everything is beautiful, nothing is. I realize that in certain spiritual and metaphysical ways of thinking, everything truly IS beautiful, and I totally subscribe to that, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

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Why are liberals so flighty, and unwilling to take a clear stand on anything?

Why are conservatives so fearful, and seemingly need clarity on everything?

It’s so frustrating.

If you just got rid of one or the other (certainly the opposite of whatever group you’re in!), things would be so much easier and so much better. Right?

You could get all the fantastic projects done that you want to get done, right liberals?

You could bring all the stability and safety we need to this world, right conservatives?

Wouldn’t that be amazing, if you could get everyone who disagrees with you politically to agree with you?

It would fix all our problems, wouldn’t it?

Turns out it wouldn’t. Liberals and conservatives, you’re both wrong.

Or you’re both right.

Or whatever.

This video is one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen. Psychologist Jonathan Haidt explains the true underlying differences between liberals and conservatives, based on his own research, and the research of others. It is almost disarmingly fair. Whether you consider yourself liberal, conservative, or something else, you will likely hear yourself represented here, and you will learn so much about yourself.

This video left me with the question, “Great, now what do I do with this?”

Maybe that’s exactly what Haidt intended.

Who Are the Real Feminists?

woman cleaning house - who are the real feminists

I read an article this morning called Don’t Call Beyonce’s Sexual Empowerment Feminism. I’d recommend you read the article, but the gist of it is that Beyonce (and, by extension, all female artists who are using sex to sell records) is not a feminist, regardless of her claims to the contrary.

I agree with the article. And I don’t think this issue needs to be all that complex.

There is a clear way forward for women who wish to be sexy, intelligent, creative, and feminist. All we have to do is look at Pink.

Pink is sexy without being a sex object, she’s a fantastic singer, she writes powerful songs about life and female exploitation (without participating in it) — she’s the whole package. And she’s wildly famous to boot.

There are others, of course.

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Gays Bullying America: Our epidemic of anti-straight discrimination

bachmann -- gays bullying america

Check out this audio clip of Michele Bachmann talking about how gays are bullying America:

Wow. How poignant. I didn’t realize how many gays have targeted their straight classmates in schools and picked on them mercilessly.

I guess I hadn’t heard about gangs of gays tying straight people to fences, beating them within an inch of their lives, and leaving them to die alone in the wilderness.

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