Doctor: “You’re getting better fast”

Such was my MS doctor’s opinion today. I told him I’m not feeling better. He is confident that feeling better is coming soon. He said I should expect to need the walker for about a month and to use it even if I feel I don’t need it until PT gives permission to stop. His feeling about the constant annoying buzz in my legs is that it probably means damaged nerves are healing. Obviously feeling is better than no feeling, even if it’s a terrible feeling. He said when I first got on the rehab floor I was “in bad shape.” Good to hear, because that’s how it felt to me.

So overall pretty good news today. We’re tweaking a medication to see if I can get relief from constant and intense fatigue, but doc is pleased with my progress, which is really good to know.

Learning to Walk

Three brief videos are now on my YouTube channel that show how severely my walking had been affected immediately after I was hospitalized, and PT’s starting to teach me to walk again. Pretty amazing what they can teach, given that I couldn’t, and still can’t, feel my feet.


*Walked for five minutes on a treadmill at PT today
*Went upstairs today for the first time in three weeks

My walking continues to improve at a dramatic pace.

Tomorrow I will see my MS doctor for post-hospitalization follow-up.

Writing off today

Spent huge chunks of time in bed today. Exhausted, depressed, and discouraged. And that was before I had to give up a grad class worth several thousand dollars.

Some days you just have to write off, realizing maybe the best you can do that day is try to get to bed on time so you have a chance at starting fresh the next day.