Learning to Walk

Three brief videos are now on my YouTube channel that show how severely my walking had been affected immediately after I was hospitalized, and PT’s starting to teach me to walk again. Pretty amazing what they can teach, given that I couldn’t, and still can’t, feel my feet.


*Walked for five minutes on a treadmill at PT today
*Went upstairs today for the first time in three weeks

My walking continues to improve at a dramatic pace.

Tomorrow I will see my MS doctor for post-hospitalization follow-up.

Writing off today

Spent huge chunks of time in bed today. Exhausted, depressed, and discouraged. And that was before I had to give up a grad class worth several thousand dollars.

Some days you just have to write off, realizing maybe the best you can do that day is try to get to bed on time so you have a chance at starting fresh the next day.

MS status update

  • Preached at church today. By the time I was showered and dressed, I wanted to go back to bed. It was so exhausting. Service and sermon went well. The people, as always, were amazing. You never have to wonder about that when you’re at Wildwind.
  • Christy and I celebrated our 25th anniversary at Logan’s Roadhouse. Nice dinner. Definitely not what I thought I’d be doing to celebrate 25. We missed our weekend Oscar movie events after having looked forward to them since last year because I was in the hospital. We had made plans to go to Chicago for our 25th, and we’d have been gone today — but we’re not. That is one of the most disappointing aspects of all of this for me.
  • I am not often using the walker at home any more. I amble around the house okay, but it’s still essential anytime I leave the house and still sometimes at home when I’m really worn out.
  • Starting PT/OT on Tuesday
  • Feet (especially left) still really numb, but learning to walk and balance better every day. Surprised at the extent to which I’m getting used to my body being as strange as it is right now.
  • No new symptoms have appeared in the past twenty-four hours. The flickering in my left eye has disappeared.