Welcoming Truth

My Sermon at Davison Free Methodist Church

lifeverse welcoming truth sermon dfmc

image: Davison Free Methodist Church

This past Sunday I spoke in both services at the church I grew up in and where I worked for eight years when I first went into the ministry. I didn’t know at the time that the service was going to be streamed on Facebook Live, but was pleasantly surprised to see it.

Below you can view that sermon if you want to, it starts about 26 minutes into the service.

I promise you, whether you are religious or not, there is much to learn here. I hope you don’t overlook it simply because it’s a message I preached in church. It has universal applicability and that was the whole point of preaching it in a church to begin with. I hope you enjoy it. It was a blast.


I love this sketch, and I’m not sure how I missed it for as long as I did. It’s hilarious.

Still, it sums up pretty well what a lot of people think about counseling. That it’s little more than finding out what people are doing wrong and telling them to cut it out.

Worse yet, some people think this is what counseling should look like.

“Will you just tell my husband/wife to pull it together?”

“What they did was wrong! You’re going to tell them that, right?”

These presume people don’t usually already know when they’re wrong and, if not, that there is immediate value in telling them so.

No time or inclination to get up on a soapbox about this today — the point was to post this funny video for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Suffice to say, that’s not what counseling looks like — at least not when it’s done well!