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  • Your article Does Suicide Equal Hell was sent to me by one that my wife and I have the upmost respect for.

    Back in December of 2009, my identicle twin brother hung himself. I found him hanging from his livingroom ceiling. According to the autopsy report, he hung for two days.

    How come you did not use scripture to answer the question? It is a simple question that requires a simple answer. The answer to the equation is no. People need to put on their spiritual ears and ahere to what God says. All the answers to lifes problems are in the Holy Bible. Your answer to the quetion was lengthy and you ventured off topic. I never want to have a false belief. I never want to believe any statement to be true just because someone I trust said it. However, I believe what God says in scripture. Because God said it, that settles it. There is no need to theorize. Just let the Holy Spirit do the teaching and you do the preaching (deliver the spiritual food).

    • Also, why did you not respond to CP’s comment Dave? If you did; then, I missed it. Once saved, always saved Dave. You cannot lose your salvation. The eternal gift cannot be earned. Not accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior is a one way ticket to hell. Savation is instant and not some lengthy process in which one can lose on a gradual bases. Practicing religion and being kind does not get a person to heaven. I wonder if people were really seeking your OPINION on does suicide equal hell. However, the likelyhood that the Holy Spirit burdened them to seek factual spiritual guidence through you instead of your opinion on the question cannot be ruled out. You could show them in sripture what God says is equal to hell; rather than, some theory. No where does God say in the Holy Bible that suicide constitutes a one way ticket to hell. People need to do their homework on the subject as well to confirm whether your theory is contrary to God. An opinion is just an opinion. Opinions can be true or false. Why would someone want to know your opinion on the question instead of concrete facts. As a reader of the article, I suggest that you not speak loosely and utilize God’s Word as a foundation to answer the question.

      • I do not debate theology (Calvinism vs Wesleyanism, etc.) on this blog. This blog is my opinions, informed and shaped by the same scriptures and books to which all other people have access, along with some experiences that are uniquely mine. There are a lot of websites that take the approach you mention, but this is not one of them. Thanks for reading.

        Regarding CP’s comment, my response to his comment is under the username thefallencleric, the old name of this blog.

    • Hi Kevin. I invite you to spend some time on the blog and to read the comments policy to help you understand why I do not often quote scripture in my responses or posts. In a nutshell, this blog is read by a lot of people who do not accept scripture as authoritative. My particular interest here is to speak in ways that as many people as possible can hear. Also, this blog is about thoughtfulness, not about quoting this or that scripture and declaring a matter closed.

      I also invite you to respond under the post you are commenting on, which, in this case, would be

      I am so sorry to hear about your brother, that’s horrific.

      • Hi Dave. I did try to incorporate my comments you responded to under this post to the post does suicide equal hell. However, It would not allow me to. For this reason, I submitted my comments on this post. In your opinion Dave, why have you only received 18 comments to your post does suicide equal hell? That is not many responses.

        Again, I thankyou for viewing my comments and responding to them. I completely understand the concept of spiritualizing. For example, When I think of the eighth commandment, I believe that no one should steal others inner-peace as well. I did review the comment policy before I posted my comments. Like I said already, I was hoping that you would consider conversing on a more spiritual level. If you believe scripture is authoritative; then, it would be correct for me to conclude that your ways of communicating outside of scripture is substandard. Also, Why not declare a matter closed when the question does suicide equal hell has been answered concretely? After all, I suspect the person was seeking truth to the question.

        I was not seeking a debate in reference to your post does suicide equal hell.

  • Isabel Jordan

    I am preparing a presentation and was wondering if i could quote from your article on responsible to /responsible for

    • I’d be honored! I didn’t write that piece. It was given to me by a friend, who also did not write it, but received it while on retreat at Manresa Jesuit Retreat House several years ago. It’s one of the most powerful resources I’ve ever been given and the more we spread the word the better. Quote away! Use as much as you want to! If you can provide people with a link back to my article, I would really appreciate it, but even if you don’t, I’m delighted that you found something useful in the post.