I need you!

I’m taking a blogging class, and my instructor suggested the following:

If I had to leave you with a final thought it would be to separate your blog from your personal life and think of it as its own unique entity that has a very defined audience. Anything that doesn’t serve that defined audience, probably doesn’t belong on the blog if your goals are to serve that audience as best as you can and to grow your blog as largely as possible with as much engagement as possible.

Maybe you could try sending a survey to your current list and asking for feedback on what they enjoy reading the most on your blog and why to see if they can help you narrow things in a bit.

That’s what this page is for. I need you to help me zero in on the purpose of this blog. That means I need you to tell me why you read it, what kinds of posts you care most and least about, and a few other things that will help me make this blog a success for a bigger and bigger audience.

Will you help me by taking my 7-question survey?

I would be eternally grateful!

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